28 May current Affairs Question

28 May 2020 Top 10 Current Affairs Question 2020 || Download Free Pdf

Top 10 Current Affairs Question 28 May 2020

Que 1:-Recently, which country has crossed 1lakh death due to COVID 19.

Answer:- USA (United States Of Amerika)

Explanation:- United States is one of the most affected countries due to COVID 19 pandemic. As per the official report 1 lakh, people have lost their life due to COVID 19. Total no of COVID 19 cases across the world is almost 57 Lakh, and Amerika is the only country that has 17 lakh of cases on 28 May 2020.

Que 2:- Which medicine has been refused by the WHO to use on the coronavirus patient?

Answer:- Hydroxychloroquine (Malaria)

Explain:- World health organization has now declined to use hydroxychloroquine on COVID 19 patients. As per the latest research, it is found that this medicine is reducing the immunity of the patient. Therefore this medicine has been declined.

Que 3:- Which court has taken cognizance of the problem of migrant laborers trapped in the country and the calamity faced by them and has sent notices to the Center and the states?

Answer:- Supreme Court

Explain:- On 26 May 2020 Supreme Court has released a notice in which they asked the Central and State government of India to send several reports that what step os taken y the governments for the migrant Labourers. Also, the hospitals that received free lands, are suggested to start free treatment of such patients, and governments have to send a list of these hospitals.

Que 4:- Shyamalaji Bhave died on 22 May 2020, she was known for?

Answer:- classical music

Explanation:-  Shyamalaji Bhave was famous for classical music. She was 79 years old when she has died in Bengaluru.

Que 5:- NASA has renamed the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) after which scientist?

Answer:- Nancy Grace Roman

Answer:- Nancy Grace Roman telescope will be launched in 2025 in the space to revolve around our planet earth. Nancy Grace Roman is known as the mother of Hubble Scope, which makes it easy to know more secrets of the universe. The first Hubble telescope was built 30 years ago; they are still serving better.

Que 6:- Which country has announced to give six million dollars to Pakistan to get rid of Corona?

Answer:- USA (United States Of Amerika)

Explanation:- On Sunday USA has announced it will provide $6 million to Pakistan to fight against coronavirus. US ambassador to Pakistan, Paul Jones said this money would be used in the hospitals and doctors who are serving the coronavirus patient. To prevent the spread, the coronavirus Pakistan will launch the 4th mobile testing lab to test the patient living in the hotspot zone.

Que 7:- Recently, which country has warned to break away from the ‘Open Sky Treaty’?

Answer:- USA

Explanation:- Please refer 25 May 2020 Current Affairs Question.

Que 8:- Recently, prime minister of which country has directed to end the emergency in the country due to COVID 19 Pandemic.

Answer:- Japan

Explanation:- Sinzo Abe Prime minister of Japan has recently decided to end the emergency lockdown due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Related Fact Of Japan

  • Capital “Tokyo”.
  • Currency “Yen”.
  • Space Agency, “JAXA.”

Que 9:- ITC Limited has announced the acquisition of 100% equity of which company?

Answer:- Sunride Foods Pvt Ltd

Explanation:- ITC Company was established in 1910 with the name Indian Tobacco Company now it is known as ITC Limited. ITC Limited is an Indian Multinational company, the headquarter of this company is situated in Kolkatta, West Bengal. On 23 May, ITC Limited signed an agreement with Sunride Foods Pvt to buy 100% equity share capital.

Que 10:- Children’s book ‘The Ikababog’ has been released online for free, which famous author has written it?

Answer:- JK Rowling

Explanation:- JK Rowling is a British author who has written Herry Potter, one of the best selling books of 1997. Recently, she has released Children’s book ‘The Ikababog’ online for free.

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