Current Affairs 22 May 2020

Current Affairs 22 May 2020 || Latest Current Affairs Question

Today we are going to learn the top current affairs question of May 22 2020. These questions are very helpful for all the candidates preparing for any kind of competitive exam. You can even download pdf of all these questions from the link given below.

Top Current Affairs question 22 May 2020

Que:- Who has chosen as the new chief economist of the World Bank?

Ans:- Carmen Reinhart.

Explanation:- Due to COVID 19 pandemic, the world bank has appointed Carmen Reinhart as a New Chief Economist. Carmen Reinhart is a professor at Harvard University. She would start working from June 15 as a new chief economist of the world bank. She is known for the financial crises expert, and she is also awarded for Adom Smith Award. She is written a book known as “This Time Is Different: At Century and Financial Foley.”

Que:- In which lake of Ladakh Indian Army and Chinese army had recently been classed?

Ans:- Pangong Tso

Explanation:- According to news agency PTI on May 5 2020 Indian Army and Chinese had clashed together at Pangong Tso.

Que:- Who is the  New chairmen of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development?

Ans:- Govinda Rajulu Chintala.

Explanation:- Govinda Ranjulu Chintala has appointed as the new chairman of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NBARD) on May 20 2020. He will take over this post from July 31 2020.

Que:-International Tea Day is celebrated every year on?

Ans:- May 21.

Explanation:- India had proposed to celebrate this day in the International Food and Agriculture organization held in Milan. On December 15 2005, it has been started in India, After that, the United States declared it International Tea Day. India is the second-largest tea producing country after China.

Que:- National Anti Doping Agency has suspended which two powerlifters?

Ans:- Savita Kumari and Ankit Sisodia.

Que:- This Year World Metrology Day is celebrated On?

Ans:- May 20 2020.

Que:-World Biological Diversity Day is celebrated on?

Ans:- May 22 2020.

Explanation:- Biological Diversity day is celebrated every year on May 22 2020. The purpose behind celebrating this is to make equality between all kind of Fauna and plants can exist together on the earth.

Que:- Who becomes the new president of Bhartiya Espat Sangh?

Ans:- Deelip Umen.

Explanation:-  Deelip Ummen has become the new president of Bhartiya Espat Sangh (ISA). They took charge on May 19 2020 at the place of CEO of TATA steel T.V. Narendran whose tenure was about to finish in Aug 2020.

Que:- National Anti Terrorism day is celebrated on?

Ans:- May 21

Explanation:- National Anti Terrorism Day is observed to mark the death of our former prime minister of India Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.

Que:-To fight against COVID 19 how much fund China is donating to the WHO to help other countries?

Ans:- 2 Billion USD ( 15 thousand 166 crores).

Explanation:-  China has decided to donate  2 Billion USD ( 15 thousand 166 crores) to WHO for the help of other countries with the fight of COVID 19 Pandemic. China said that they would provide this fund within 2 years, and they have taken this decision in the 73rd session of world health assembly.

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